When Pay To Win Fails PART #2

Continuing on yesterday's topic of finding the balance in a pay to win model, this prime example of both F2P and P2W must be mentioned. I do realize that I probably shouldn't be chiming in on all the hatred this relatively strong IP has, and I won't beat around the bush too too much, but there are some interesting points to be made in relations to the current topic.

You might have guessed it. I'm referring to EA's app version of the SimCity scandal; Dungeon Keeper. Naturally the old school players of games were appalled initially interacting with this game, and rightfully so. Most who have had the pleasure of playing both the original, and the app version of Dungeon Keeper can quickly agree that these are two games not worth comparing. It is a different time now. I won't dwell too much on that. You won't get similar experiences playing these two games.

But is that the sole reason that Dungeon Keeper has only had one appearance in the top 50 on the US Grossing chart this year?

Obsviously this large IP would attract the video game players of the 90s, who would probably be out of the educational system and would be of a certain income that could potentially be put right back into EA's account if they had managed make a fun game - and thats the point. In regards to reward loops and types of fun, they have focused on all the wrong things, ultimately ending up the infamous F2P model more than just a little clouded by the greed and P2W focused game loops. 

The intrinsicly fun-driven elements in Dungeon Keeper are close to not present, and the game fails to engage the completionists and competitive players through the empty achievements and missing social elements. This is a crucial point, because if a player is neither engage through fun gameplay or hyped expectations and with a strict and criticized monetization strategy, people will flee from this game in no time, especially when expecting so much from the PC Hall of Famer. 

I will contineously return to this topic as this is one of the most devastating mistakes a F2P title can make. These mistakes will keep you out of the Top 50 and easy forgotten.

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